Video Editing – My New Journey

Hey my lovely readers.. finally I could get time to write a blog about what’s new in my life other than photography.

Yes.. you read it right.. other than Photography.

I haven’t picked up my beloved camera in last 3 years still life is fun cause I found something even more interesting to do …. and its high time I let you all know what’s that… and why (that would be a topic of another blog).

For now… lets concentrate on what this new thing that could overpower my addiction for Photography. Its called Video Editing. and I am working as a freelance video editor for last 3 years and absolutely loving this new obsession.

Reason… it allows me to tell stories through videos and i don’t have to leave my comfort zone (introverts detest leaving their comfort zone). And when client love what I edit (yes i am working for various clients.. details would be later in this post) I feel i am on cloud 9.
So far I have edited 1000+ projects for 10 clients and satisfaction I got is just incomparable. Each and every video I edit makes me feel as if this is the best thing I can ever work on and I try my best to make it look Perfect.

Sharing few of my favorites i edited for clients:

Vasco’s Peri Peri:

Aboli Thosar Photography

My portfolio can be found on Youtube channel and my website where all the work I have worked on so far is published.

And i also have instagram and facebook account to share what I do on day to day basis.

I’ll surely share more about how video editing found me and how I pursued it more than just a hobby.. but thats in next blog. As i am planning to start writing regularly.

Bye for now…


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