The Fallen Leaf#3 – Don’t just Live but Survive

when life throws all sorts of curve balls at you, when things are at their worst, when you are fighting all alone, you have all the right to be broken, to be shattered, don't give up... hang in there. Don't just Live but Survive, all that comes your way. Follow me on other side of... Continue Reading →

Its been a while I got this bug of going every weekend (or at least one weekend a month) for photo-walks and I am able to do that successfully for last 4 months. And I have been to Ganpati Photowalk, Mandai, Pune Okayama Friendship Garden, Aga Khan Palace last year all cause of this. And last weekend I decided... Continue Reading →

When You Are lying on a Path not so great, Even if you are drifted apart from your tribe,May be a little Lost too, Still never let your colors go, cause that makes you who you a bright and colorful version of yourself and let this world wonder. Follow me on other side of... Continue Reading →

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