Video Editing – My New Journey Hey my lovely readers.. finally I could get time to write a blog about what's new in my life other than photography. Yes.. you read it right.. other than Photography. I haven't picked up my beloved camera in last 3 years still life is fun cause I found something even more interesting to do... Continue Reading →

Better late than never – Recognition for my Photography with Bappa’s help

Hello My dear friends and I hope life is treating you all well. Lately I have been very busy and was not able to get time to write anything, And today after a very long time I got some time to write this blog post. And there is a special reason for me to be here. As I want to share with you all a good news. So be with me in this post to know what that news is.

All Is Well if End Is Well !!!

Balcony at my home was started looking so sad and gloomy in last few months without some colorful flower plants. So I had to go out and purchase one Rose plant so that I'll have a pinch of yellow color along-with white (Jasmine flowers) sprinkled around. Which I bought and was happy seeing it dancing. And... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year with a Good News

Wishing all my lovely readers A very happy and prosperous new year. May this new year bring all the success and happiness in your life. Also I have a good new for you all too... finally after contemplating for last so many  months I tried my hands on youtube videos. And my very first video... Continue Reading →

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