From an Introvert girl to a confident Photographer

Today I'll be sharing my life story.... and it is as below. Before that, Hope you are doing good just as I am after my Panchgani Trip. As I got tons of pictures to post process and to post on my Instagram or Facebook of here at blog. Lets start the story...I am an introvert... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why I Love Photography ?

Did you ever feel not being content with your day job even if you are happy with your work/salary? You are not able to satisfy your hyperactive brain? Your heart flutters when you see someone's creative piece of work, be it one awesome photograph or heart touching poem or one beautifully served yummy dish? Check this post to know how I found answers to these questions...<a href=""> Read More...

How and Why I’ll cherish my one random Photo forever ?

Remember being a small kid asking for your favorite thing as b'day gift from your dad...and later at night finding that gift under your pillow...can you recall those emotions of being the most happiest person on planet.... I guess you surely can. And here I am sharing one such moment of my life with you in this post...

Learn Origami – Pursue Creativity and relive your childhood

In our childhood days we used to make many things from Paper, be it a Boat during rainy season or an Airplane to fly it in classroom... and how much happy we were while successfully making it and seeing it float (boat) or fly (plane). Those Childhood days were just Awesome and I still miss them.. Don't you too miss those days ? If yes dive in this post to know how to re-live those days.

Things that Make Me Go “Click!”

Any random thing on the roadside can make me set the focus and "Click" it, provided it should have something unique about it "being there". This pic I clicked from my N86 and best thing about it was the "Refraction" of Street Light though my Cell's lens and covering the rest of the Street Lights... Continue Reading →

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