The Most Happening X’Mas Celebration

What happens when a Photographer gets a chance to cover A X'mas party at a preschool....??? I am sure you must have guessed it.... Its all about Fun n Frolic with lots of Laughter and obviously so many moments to capture. I did all my best to click as much as I could but eventually... Continue Reading →

Sari – The Most Humble Attire in Indian History

Do you know A Sari can be draped in 200+ different ways ? or There are 200 Drapes documented in last 40 years ? And even more than that existed some 100 years back ? The most common drape we see our mothers wearing these days is the newest (118 years old) among all hence... Continue Reading →

One more Beauty from my collection.

Another Product Photography I attempted and this time my second most favorite watch played the muse. Placed my watch on my Orange Textured wallet to give the base a bright contrasting color and those stitched lines are working as leading lines. Overall I was satisfied and happy with the outcome.... Check my previous attempt to... Continue Reading →

Moment of a Lifetime…

It was the moment of my life that I could never ever forget. I met world renowned and National Award winner Director Vibha Bakshi. I was kind of scared and a bit apprehensive about how to talk to one such big of a personalty but I was so surprised seeing how humble and down to... Continue Reading →

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