“Disappointment as Blessing in Disguise !!!”

This is one longest post ever on my blog but one interesting story (hope so) which I wanted to share with you all... so have your cup of coffee (and tea for me) before diving into it... There is one very beautiful garden nearby my society and I used to go there on weekends. But... Continue Reading →

All Is Well if End Is Well !!!

Balcony at my home was started looking so sad and gloomy in last few months without some colorful flower plants. So I had to go out and purchase one Rose plant so that I'll have a pinch of yellow color along-with white (Jasmine flowers) sprinkled around. Which I bought and was happy seeing it dancing. And... Continue Reading →

Things that Make Me Go “Click!”

Any random thing on the roadside can make me set the focus and "Click" it, provided it should have something unique about it "being there". This pic I clicked from my N86 and best thing about it was the "Refraction" of Street Light though my Cell's lens and covering the rest of the Street Lights... Continue Reading →

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