Sunday Post: Focussed Attention

I am late for posting for Sunday Post this week. Reason is I was not able to get any pic apt for the theme cause there was no view around me where I can see anyone having Attention Focused on something or there was nothing to capture that can prove me having Attention Focused on... Continue Reading →

Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 3

It's Thursday again and I am posting for Thursday Lingering Look at Windows: Week 3 This time I got a view of a "Window Inside Window" view. Its Clubhouse of our society and on an afternoon it was all sunny. So the sun light was there to create amazing views and I got one also.

The Guiding Sun Light Illuminating Life's Path (Click on the Pic to View Full Image) Here is My Interpretation of My Pic Of Light and Illumination.... The Sun...Trying to Pour its Light through so many Obstacles (trees) To Light (Or to Illuminate) My Paths Through dense forest. just like A Small Ray Of Hope in... Continue Reading →

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