Tikona Fort Trek Part 4 – Back to Earth via Narrow, Stony, Risky Path

“Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come.”  — Zig Ziglar That's exactly what I was feeling while trekking through that difficult path towards my destination of Tikona Fort Top. It was surely worth each and every step I took to reach there. And now its time to go back... Continue Reading →

A Walk To Remember… to that Topmost Point.

Last week I shared few pics of  the group TheTrekker.in with which I went for Tikona Trek. So today I'll be sharing another set of images I took while heading towards the Top Most point (Height: 3580ft) of the Tikona Fort Meet the fantastic group of people I went to trek with in Part 1 of this series.... Continue Reading →

One Memorable Experience…

... with this group of wonderful people and organizers at TheTrekker.in This post is the very first installment about my experience on my Very First Trekking attempt to this beautiful fort known as Tikona fort nearby Pune. And here I'll be sharing few clicks of the group I went with. I'll post rest of the images with more... Continue Reading →

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