Sun ‘n’ Moon Together

I always wanted to click pics having both Sun and Moon together in one frame...obviously that's not possible so I could thought to have one's reflection through a mirror and other one up high in the Sky. Just one day all of a sudden I got the situation in front of my eyes. Moon was... Continue Reading →

Sunday Post: Perspective

Sunday Post this week is Perspective And I think of two ways to have perspective regarding photography. 1. One is to Capture anything with an angle that will give the result A Different Perspective as compared to the original view/scene/thing. 2. Other way is to click the view/scene/thing as it is but then a Different... Continue Reading →

Colorful Moon on Holi

It Was A Day Of Colors In India....Holi, Festival Of Colors in the Morning. And at Night Time It was Moon's Turn To Celebrate The Festival By Showing Its "Different" color. Below is the Pic that I clicked few hours back just cause I found it Amusing how to have Moon in Saffron Color just... Continue Reading →

I am posting after a long time.....and here are few of my fav shots of Moon.

Sunday Post: Focussed Attention

I am late for posting for Sunday Post this week. Reason is I was not able to get any pic apt for the theme cause there was no view around me where I can see anyone having Attention Focused on something or there was nothing to capture that can prove me having Attention Focused on... Continue Reading →

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