My Favourite Neighborhood

Near by my society...there is small society of Bungalows having trees, plants. And it has something fascinating about it that every time i see it I want to click photographs even though it had all same things daily. The plants, windows, balconies........I am a fan of clicked a pic today....and its the favorite place... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: In The Background

This weeks challenge is In The Background Any my pic is At starting I focused on the Road towards the Center but then I found Background more appealing and fascinating so sidelined The Road get this Amazing View. This view gives me a feel like our lives as we always start moving on any road... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above

This Week's Photo Challenge is From Above.And what I have is A Flower clicked Exactly From The Top of it.The thing I like the best here is the Flower Petals intertwined with each other and the Center Point at the bottom of the Flower.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

This weeks Photo Challenge is Culture. My Cultural Journey was celebrating Ganeshotsava. Ganeshostava is a festival celebrated on the Birthday of Lord Ganesha. It'sthe Biggest Festival of Maharashtra and the way people in Maharashtra celebrate it will just Overwhelm everyone around. Ganeshotsava starts with Ganesh Chaturthi by the installation of The Ganesh statues in colorfully... Continue Reading →

Drought in Maharashtra

These days its a very critical situation of Drought in Maharshtra India. I used to go by a road to my bus stop daily but day before yesterday just happened to observe A Plant on roadside and seemed like Soil was trying to tell its story. How Thirsty the Earth is ? How Broken Earth's... Continue Reading →

SUNDAY POST : Sentimental Value

Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.  For Jake's Sunday Post: Sentimental Value Part:1 I always loved  writing diaries but not like other people do with their day to day feelings or frustration instead I used to write details of Cricket,... Continue Reading →

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