Daily Prompt: Describe a little thing


This is the Very first time when I am Writing and not introducing my Photography.

So what made me to write was Daily Prompt,

Describe a little thing — one of the things you love that define you worlds but is often overlooked.

Contentment” can not be put as a thing but still its something Very Important and also is often overlooked in today’s time and its like whole world to me, reason is pretty simple as

Contentment is a feeling that can never let you be Sad/Angry/Jealous etc cause if you are satisfy with what you have you are not going to be Jealous of what others have,  you will not be sad for not having it, you will  not be angry with yourself for not being capable of having it. Instead you will be Thankful to God for giving you what you have, you will be happy for having it.

But in today’s world everyone has overlooked this very important feeling as they are just running behind something or other, whether its a better Job/higher salary/bigger home and many more things. So what they are missing is the Happiness that comes only when we sit for some time and look at the things we have around us even if its a small house, spending an evening smiling happily with family, A small puppy in porch, Putting your hand in the Rain etc. This can be felt ONLY when we are not looking at others and their achievements instead we are looking at what we have achieved, where we have reached from where we started.

So whole in whole Contentment is a Very Simple feeling and can result in Abundance of Happiness in Our Life.

Lastly as there are always 2 sides of a coin here also Being Satisfy does not mean you have to stop trying for something better than what you have…its definitely not like that. Satisfaction means you have to be Happy with you, your life, your achievements and at the time you HAVE to try for the best but you should evaluate yourself and your capacity (in order to not to over exhaust yourself) and if by any chance you cant succeed, it should not be considered as THE END, you should not think that “Life is finished then and there”.

One more thing….if you are not concerned with others you will be able to Concentrate much more on your own-self, your efforts, your hard work.

There is a Doha in India:

Gau Dhan, Gaj Dhan, Vaji Dhan aur Ratan Dhan Khan, Jab aave santosh dhan sab dhan dhuri samaan.


Cattle, wealth from elephants, All the wealth that may come from trade, as well as wealth from a mine of precious stones,

All these fade into humble dust When one finds the treasure of contentment.

Its my first time writing something very seriously and it not be the best but what I wrote is how this one word I loved the most and how it defines this whole world to me. And not sure if it fits the bill for Daily Prompt.

Thanks a lot for reading it.

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