Gone, But Not Forgotten – My “N86” and how it made me feel

Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

Below pic is not great or extraordinary but still it is different and have special feelings for me.

It was caught from my most cherished device i.e. Nokia N86, which I bought for its 8MP camera.

For very first time…

it made me feel I could capture things in my own perspective.

I could be a photographer….and then onwards I became so damn crazy roaming here and there clicking each n every random thing just to see how much different I could think…I clicked almost 3000 click in just initial 3 months with this lovely device.

It was broken 2 years back and I had pretty tough time overcoming the disappointment of not having my most loved device…

Its Gone but indeed not forgotten and can never be in future.

Gone But Not Forgotten

7 thoughts on “Gone, But Not Forgotten – My “N86” and how it made me feel

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    1. Yes Tina, thats correct. I got three for it, 2 cell phones and one camera….
      so I am happy girl having all good devices now. But it was like first love for me pretty hard to forget 😦

  1. That is such a beautiful shot you took with your phone. Love the warm hues of sunset. As Tina said, you have a lot of choices to replace it 🙂 And you have a lot of photos from your old camera, I am sure you will be able to remember it that way 🙂

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