Old vs New – One Pic Reset with Lightroom

Helloooo Dear Friends…. hope you all are doing good.

Today I’ll be sharing an old version of my fav click and also its reset version in this post. Let’s see what I have for you in the store….


This is one of my most favorite click of all time (pre lightroom era) cause:

First – I clicked it on my very first outing to Bheemashankar Temple,

Second – it was clicked from a running bus with no expectation at all how it would look like.

Third – I was just so happy I found this so similar to scenes I used to draw in my drawing book being a kid.

And for last so so many weeks I was thinking to utilize my time in learning lightroom (mark my words its one pretty time consuming software to master) more and then came this thought, why not try Lightroom to make my old clicks look better ?. That way I would be able to see the difference in both the images and also I’ll have my most fav clicks look sharper and better.

So I just scrolled down my whole collection and selected my most fav click to be the guinea pig of my experiment. And for experiment I dint make any big adjustments but the basic ones as reduced highlights – blacks, shadows – whites – increased sharpness, adjusted tone curve and finally lens profile correction, thats all.

I was so amazed to see the outcome…just how drastically (for better) Lightroom completely changed the look and feel (again for better) of the image.


I am one happy girl to make my beautiful click look more beautiful, thanks to Lightroom.

Did you ever try to use Lightroom Magic on any of your pre Lightroom Era pic.. do let me know in comments below..

Bye.. take care and C U soon.

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