Panchgani – No Less Than A Heaven – Part 2nd of the trip

This post is about my experience in Panchgani as Photographer and as a Nature lover. And being the second installment of my complete Trip it will continue from where I left in last post.

While the first one talked about my first hand experience of Panchgani and my journey from office till the place of our stay. This post is bit more about our stay at this place Panchgani Tent House, surrounded by so much serenity and greenery and Parsi Point, and its beauty, that we visited after lunch.

So in brief this post if more about how we spent rest of Day 1 of our outing and that too a bit detailed (expect a longer post than my usual ones). So lets dive into it.

At 11.30 am our TT finally stopped at the gate of the Tent House and as I stepped out, turned right I could see a big green Valley and huge Mountain range on the other side of the valley. At the same time I could not believe it was a reality, simply because I hadn’t seen such beautiful Mountain peaks covered in clouds in past ever. I had an ear to ear grin looking at Nature’s beauty at its best. It was windy (as in you can actually hear the wind roaring in your ears) and chilly there so we rushed inside our tents.

And yes just beside the tent house there is one mountain peak, you can see the peak in below pic:


After everyone settled in their tents all my friends went all the way to the top. I too tried but could not cover more than half of the distance and came back. I thought it would be pretty difficult to come down from that steep top so better stay low and enjoy the surroundings (that’s my funda in life too… I do self evaluation of my capability for doing any task and if I can’t complete the task I just step back….. )

And while others were enjoying on the mountain peak I thought to utilize that time with my camera and clicked few pictures:

20170729_IMG_3258_InstaG20170729_IMG_3259_InstaG@Panchgani Tent House

Everyone was back after an hour (I guess so as cant recall exact time), that too all drenched. And the reason was heavy rain… and you can imagine how difficult it would had been to come down in that rain. At that time I was felling happy of my decision of not going up.

Next we ordered Tea because all Mountaineers were cold and needed some tea break to feel relieved. After half an hour of “Chai pe charcha” we started to go out for our lunch. And the restaurant we reached was very nice and beside another valley, Narmada river flowing in full glory and mountain range covered in clouds.

With so many selfies and groupfies we finished our lunch and went to nearby tourist spot i.e. Parsi Point. Marvelous place and blessed by Nature. You could see Mountain peaks covered in fog, clouds rushing, Dhom dam standing firm and Narmada river.

I could not bring my camera to this place so all pictures clicked by my cell phone. I was bit disappointed when seeing such beautiful place and not having my camera but at the same time I could explore my cell phone, so it was not that bad. At last I could feel that mobile clicks were quite satisfactory.

Gorgeous Bridge  @Parsi Point
Gorgeous Bridge

@Parsi Point


We spent another 2 hours there and then it was time to get back to Tent house. I was about to board the TT but I stopped by this puddle to get this beautiful puddly reflection (and by the way that yellow vehicle is our Tempo Traveler )

Puddly Reflection @Parsi Point

As soon as we reached I started another round of snapping here and there. Clicked few more pictures:

Sunrays through clouds

Mushroom @Panchgani Tent House

And this all continued till late evening. Believe me its so much fun being at this place that you barely think about anything else. You just find yourself at a place where nothing else matters other than your camera and your subject.

Later part of the day all my friend enjoyed the DJ night arranged at the Tent House except me. As I was not feeling well and was sleeping in my tent. And the reason was that big – but – no – so – ventilated room was so badly suffocating that I could not breathe. And had to leave the place just after 10 minutes I entered.

It was 1:00 AM when I heard my tent mates knocking on the door so I got to know they were there and I had to open the door. For next one hour we chatted. And at 2:00 am it was the time when everyone finally decided to sleep to recharge our batteries for next days adventures.

So that’s for today’s post. Next will be about Second Day of our Trip and will be up soon.

If you have any suggestions/comments/inputs do share below in comments.

Cya… Take Care.


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