Tikona Fort Trek Part 3 – View From the Top

Reaching the Top of Tikona Fort was an unforgettable experience for me. I, in my wildest dream, never imagined that I’d go for a trek and that too for a place as high as Tikona fort. And in this post I’ll be sharing some of the images I clicked after reaching the Peak.

And reaching on the Top was a feat of its own… cause I clicked almost 200 images while going up, managing my balance and keeping eyes on deep valleys on both sides. So when I look at those images now I feel like I did some Dare of my life.

Here I am sharing some beautiful pictures that I clicked after reaching the Top.

This is how Tung Fort looks from Tikona Fort

Tung fort is another Trek worthy fort nearby Pune. And is visible from Tikona fort as well. So after reaching the top first thing I clicked was Tung Fort in its full glory among some picturesque surroundings.

Finally !!!!!!!!! at the Top

Here I am standing at the Top and looking down towards the resting area. And all the path that we covered to reach it is also visible. Moment of accomplishment indeed.

Surrounded by Clouds

The very same resting area, where people from my group were resting or clicking,that I mentioned above is surrounded by Clouds and looked like a white sheet has covered it from all the sides.

Dense Clouds at One Side of the Mountain

This is the right hand side view from the resting area. And some real dense clouds can be seen, which did come to our place after few minutes and gave us some quick shower while we all were having lunch.

Other side but same story… Clouds.

This is the left side of the same resting area after the rain. And these are the clouds rushing through the place and it was one amazing experience to feel the clouds very first time in life.

One More Clouded Click
That’s the Peak of the Mountain on which Tikona fort is built. And this is its Front side of the Tower.

Top most tower looks like this from the front side.

And the flag on the back side of the Tower.

This is how the Top most part of the Tower looks like from the resting area. I loved the view as it shows the scale and difficulty of this one particular part of the trek.

Mighty Flag says it all.
About Our Glorious Past and how Proud/Lucky we are to have such Brave Kings on this Land.

This is my favorite click of the Top. Showing the Glory of the flag and proof of some brave -heart kings love for their country.

Hope you liked my clicks and enjoyed  the post as much as I enjoyed clicking the pictures. And find some enchanting images in next part

Have you gone for Trekking to any forts or mountains….? I’d love to read about your experience and thoughts. Do share it in comments section.

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5 thoughts on “Tikona Fort Trek Part 3 – View From the Top

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    1. thats so good to know you have been to this trek… but short I dont agree, may be cause it was my first ever trek. I found it pretty difficult for me….
      but again I have to add more treks on my cards to compare it with tougher ones.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views.

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