9 Things to know about Creativity and how to Master it.

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people”

– Leo Burnett

Creativity is not an alien word but resides within us. And only takes right channel to express it while sometime nothing extra needed but it just flows. So what exactly this Creativity is ? If its within why not everyone knows about their Creative side ? Finally how to develop that hidden (and not much practiced) creativity ?

I’ll try to answer these questions today in below post…


1. What is Creativity?

Creativity is nothing extraordinary but to be enthusiastic enough to do things differently (i.e. creatively). And for that we should know what’s that difference, here comes Curiosity in picture. We should be Curious enough to look at the difference to all regular day to day things around.

2. How to be Curious ?

Creativity and Curiosity are like 2 sides of one coin. We can’t be creative if we are not curious to learn something new, to do something different.

Curiosity means to see beyond what’s visible.. and that’s not just its physical aspects like color, shape and size. But how it’s there, why it’s there, what makes it better being and  there etc. More Curious we are more we will develop our Creativity.

3. What are the Signs of Creative People ?

Before going in detail let’s take a look at 20 signs of creative person. And see if you have any of them already. If yes then you are good to develop it more.

4. Where can you find Creativity ?

Now if I say everyone one of us has Creativity within, will you believe it… if not see below examples:

1. When you were a kid and you used to write your name on one of your notebooks with some different  hand-writing, so that it look good.. that was creativity

2. When you cook something new and serve it to your loved ones in some unique way, so that it will look unique… that’s creativity.

3. When you go for shopping ad buy some mix and match dresses, so that your attire will look beautiful.. that’s again creativity.

So see Creativity is already there within without us even acknowledging it as one of our qualities. And because it’s there by default we don’t consider it as extraordinary and do not practice bettering it. Also in day to day life we already have too many things to do, so much of responsibilities to fulfill so we tend to forget about it entirely.

5. Frustrated life = Daily life (minus) creativity

And this is the way we  are just living each day with so much of dissatisfaction and frustration with our mundane life. Also with complains why I can’t do something different and exciting that makes me feel alive and happy ?

The answer is we never tried to do anything different then how can we  get a different result, we never nurtured our creative side that could help us in such moments of monotonous, boring routine life. Some way or other we have to discover that slept, hidden creative side of ours.

6. Whats the Solution ?

And solution to this problem is to Practice Creativity. The more we practice it more we will know about it.

7. How to Practice Creativity ?

That’s one million dollar question with one simple answer… start it now. Yes right now. Take a moment look within and figure out what you love to do, is it anything you usually do or anything new you find interesting to try. Find that and then Start, Repeat and keep doing it daily. This way it will become one of your well learnt qualities.

At the same time keep in mind don’t go behind things someone else is doing and great in it, don’t think you should try it too. Be unique here, try only what you love, what you are comfortable doing. That’s the only way you’ll be able to develop yourself as one creative individual.

Finally once you master this art you’ll take its shelter whenever you feel bored, frustrated or even angry for that matter. It will help you in getting disconnected from surrounding and at the same time you will be connected with your inner self.

8. What can be those Hobbies..?

It should be something where you actively participate in activity. Don’t consider listening songs or watching favorite serials as your hobbies. They are just for entertainment for a short time but can’t be with you as an art for a long time

Writing.. be it poem, short stories, or writing your own secret diary.

Singing, Photography, Origami, Sketching, Drawing, Makeup Art, Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Playing any sport etc.

These are few of the names I could think off.  There are many more activities that you can pursue as your hobbies to develop your creativity and be a master of it. Then it will also help you in making your life much more than just your boring 9 – 5 job.

Then your Life will be Interesting and Exciting and Happy then ever before.

9. Price for this happy life…. ?

Nothing but your Curiosity, Patience and Determination.

Being Curious is what is in the core of Being Creative. Until and unless you are curious to learn new things you can’t be creative.

Have Patience to learn no matter how many times you fail. Don’t think to abandon your newly found hobby cause it’s difficult to learn and much more difficult to practice

Determination to keep on doing what you love, and do it daily.  Daily because then only you’ll remain in touch of it otherwise you’ll forget what you learnt last week. And that will frustrate you when you do it after 2 weeks.


Being curious will sharpen your Creative thinking. And Practicing Creativity will make you a Master of that Art. One New Art that you enjoy doing it and can motivate someone else to take it as well.

You just have to find your Hobby and just dive into it. This will lead you towards one unique world of self expression and self development. And you will love this new version of yours.

So what are your thoughts on creativity ? Do you practice creativity already if yes then let me know what all hobbies you pursue ? Also how those hobbies changed your life ? Share this and anything you like to,  in comments section below.


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