Diwali Celebration 2017 @ Pune

Hey All… Finally I got time today to post my Diwali Pictures. I know its late now but still its Better Late Than Never… isn’t it ???

As I was very very busy past one month, due to various reasons, I did not have time to short list images to post on the blog. But yes, somehow I did manage to click some really beautiful images and then sacrificed my sleep to post process them as well.

So today I thought to steal some time from my regular busy life to put this year’s Diwali Celebration pictures. And here I am… with these lovely images (at least thats what I think about these)

PS: All below pictures are clicked with my beautiful beloved 50mm Prime Lens


Hearts and Bokeh in one frame
“Hearts and Bokeh in one frame”
Blinking Light
“Blinking Light”
Deepawali = Deepo Ki Awali (Line of Lamps)
Gorgeousness Redefined
“Gorgeousness Redefined”
Light In Plate
“Light In Plate”
Let Light Be Everywhere
“Let Light Be Everywhere”

Over to you now..

how did you find these images…??? are these good or I could have done better with lightning or composition wise… do share your views in comments.

C U soon in my next blog…

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