Aga Khan Palace – Landmark Monument in Indian History

The Future depends on what you Do Today.

—–Mahatma Gandhi

I am following this quote by Mahatma Gandhi for last couple of months. How ?

In order to improve my future in Photography I had taken this resolution to visit one good photogenic place alternate weekends. So that I could practice my photography skills and at same time can enjoy beauty of such places. Last time I visited Pune Okayama Friendship garden and clicked some breathtaking images. And yesterday (Dec 9) I had chance to go to Aga Khan Palace

Aga Khan Palace
Aga Khan Palace and its History
Majestic Beautiful Palace
Majestic Beautiful Palace

And it wasn’t a good day to start as again DSLR wasn’t allowed. And just like last time I dint confirmed it before hand (next time for sure I’ll not venture out of my house before confirming if DSLR is allowed or not). But as I had already spent a good amount of cab fare to reach so I did not want to waste that attempt. So me and one of my friend started our tour to this exemplary landmark in Indian History.

Aga Khan Palace
That’s my friend

But before I go about my recent visit here is some backstory. Exactly 20 years back (in 1998) I have already paid this palace a visit when my family was on tour of Goa, Lonavala and Pune. And only thing that had the biggest lasting impact on my kid’s brain then was The Room where Mahatma Gandhi was kept during his time as a prisoner here. I have been a curious soul always and as a curious kid was badly fascinated by this room 20 years back.

All this while I could never forget how well all his belongings, i.e. Study Table, Khadau (Wooden Slippers), Charkha, Glasses were kept and taken care off. As if all these small things were witness of Indian Freedom struggle and telling story of their own. Being in Pune for last 8 years I always wanted to visit this place again but it never materialized. And this time I could finally fulfill my long pending dream.

Aga Khan Palace entry
Main entrance of the Palace building

So The first place I went after entering the palace was The Room I described above. I was as amazed this time as I was back then looking at the room and how all things are still placed exactly as it was then. While looking at this room I felt how minimalism life Mahatma Gandhi had. Despite doing so much for our country he never needed big things for his own life.

This is the emotion I could never have 20 years back being a small kid. But this time I knew what all I am looking at and how precious all these things are for Indian History. Finally I am feeling content and happy to be able to come to this Palace as a grown up. So that I can keep all it’s memories in my conscious mind for coming years.

Besides this there are many other things to make you feel the real struggle for our Freedom. Its a museum where all old photographs are being kept to tell the history in visual way.

Here I shared some of my clicks of this beautiful place but not The Room. Cause I want everyone in Pune to go visit this place at least once to know what all India as a Country have gone through to get this Precious Freedom. How much our freedom fighters sacrificed so that we can breath in free country.

Aga Khan Palace
Another view
Aga Khan Palace
Beautiful Nature
Aga Khan Palace
Beautiful Nature

Have you ever visited Aga Khan Palace ? How did you feel looking at those belongings of Mahatma Gandhi ? And if not I’d request to go and visit it for sure.

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