50mm Prime Lens – Latest Entrant In My Quiver

Long time no see.. right.. ?

I was busy with my other craziness i.e. Korean drama as I got hold of a new extremely beautiful one which even deprived me of my sleep for last 2 weeks and cause of that could not post anything here.

Now am back with a new post about new entrant in my quiver. My very first upgrade from kit lens and which is Nifty Fifty 50mm Prime lens, which I bought from amazon (affiliate link)

Nifty Fifty                                                           ^^^Top view of Nifty Fifty

I got 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses with my Canon 700d. And I explored both my lenses as much as I could in last 6 months. During these times I always wondered which side of the lens’s focal length (wide angle or telephoto one or the Macro) should I concentrate more and also what specific genre should I choose to master.

But then I thought to first learn more about basics (composition, light, leading line etc.) of Photography and explore all genres that are there before hanging onto one for rest of life (it would be boring I guess). As once basics are good anything can be mastered later on. And then got to know about Prime Lens being the most appropriate ones for what I was looking for.

Anyone who does not know what’s prime lens then here is a small brief about it:

Prime Lenses are with Fixed focal length means you’ll not be having Zoom in/out capability.

No zoom in/out means one can’t get close to far away subjects (like telephoto lenses) or can get a lot of scene in the frame at once (wide angle lenses). You’ll have to move around to get the object in desired focus and correct composition in Camera (to avoid cropping in post processing).

Inception of Frills^^^I had to climb onto very small place just below glass window to get this click. Kept my left hand on the door to be steady and clicked pic just with right hand.

Prime Lenses are best in learning Photography as whole, its concepts and technicalities. And there won’t be anything else to confuse you other than being at right place as right angle. Simply because there is very less to adjust within camera which gives you more than enough time to adjust things outside the Camera (i.e. light, focus, placement)

Frilled Leaves^^^This particular flower was not on my usual morning walk path. So climbed to the wall and steadied myself on it and went for click

Once decided I looked for options, and had four options in Prime Lens category of Canon Lenses:

i. 24mm f/2.8 STM

ii. 35 mm f/2 USM

iii. 40mm f/2.8 STM

iv. 50mm f/1.8 STM

I finalized 50mm f/1.8 for its price range and super wide aperture (f/1.8). As I love playing with DOF and that f/1.8 is what I knew I would cherish forever.

I planned to buy it for clicking Ganpati Celebration and placed order on Aug 25 from Amazon and very next day it was in my hands. I could not help gushing onto it… isn’t it beautiful..

nifty fifty^^^Finally here it…


That’s being said first time ever in my life I went out to click photos of people I don’t know. And that’s all because having this lens made me feel I can do what scares me the most… facing unknown. I am happy I could do that with no fear and hesitation. Also click many many beautiful photos of Ganpati idol and with shallow DOF.

Ganpati Bappa Morya !!!^^^ Ganpati Bappa Morya!!! Uncropped as Perfectly composed while clicking.

Shallow DOF^^^Shallow DOF what make 50 mm prime an ultimate lens for me.

Macro^^^Tried Macro with 50mm. Its not 1:1 macro but I liked the texture of green leaves with rain droplets.

So thats all for today of this introductory post of my 50 mm prime lens. Its one beautiful lens which has so much to offer to a beginner like me. It gives images a extremely great sharpness to make images look Perfect.  Soon I’ll be back with a complete indepth review of this lens.

Do you love Prime lens ? What Prime lens you have ? Do share in comments below..

C U seen in next post….


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